Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Fun Vacation

Last Tuesday we headed off as a family to Flagstaff to have some fun. We got a good, cheap hotel for 1 night. I was ready to do whatever we decided to do as a family. A little into our drive, Ryan and I started to talk about Vegas. I thought it would be so much fun and the boys would love Circus Circus. Well after talking about it for a little bit we decided to turn our 1 night Flagstaff fun into 1 night in Flagstaff and 2 nights in Laughlin. We decided to do Laughlin because it was 2 and half hours from Flag and cheaper than Vegas. We hadn't been there but was hoping it would be as much fun as Vegas. We never do anything like this and we were excited!!! While in Flagstaff, we all got new swimsuits. The best part was finding great deals since it's the end of summer. We booked our room at Harrah's in Lauglin and both of us laughed and kept saying we never do this. While in Flagstaff, we had heard about this cool deer farm. You can feed the deer and we knew the boys would love this. It was really fun and neat to be so upclose to some animals. Jacob was scared of the deer coming near him. He kept saying "Go away deer farm" to all the deer. Ryan and I just kept laughing.

There was cool bird in this cage that kept talking to the kids. Dallin was very unsure of it at the beginning. But he warmed up to it and kept saying hello to it.

Hannah loved the mirror in the hotel. That was her favorite thing to do while in the room. She would get so excited. We need to find a place at our house to put a mirror on the wall. She loved it that much!

Happy kiddos!!

Hannah sleeping!

Harrah's had a little beach you could get to from the hotel. It was lots of fun but the water was freezing.

Hannah loved the sand. She was in heaven putting her hands in it and playing.

Ryan was so excited to go see the London Bridge. It took us about an hour and a half to get there but it was neat to see. It was a hot day so we didn't stay as long as thought we would.

Us by the London Bridge!

After we got back from seeing the bridge, Dallin was so excited to ride a boat. This is the boys feeding ducks waiting for the boat.

The boat ride was super fun. Dallin had to sit right next to me and wanted my arm around him. He was a little unsure but he loved it. He kept talking about the boat ride the rest of the day.

This might have been one of the boys favorite things we did. They called it bowling. It was fun watching them because half of the time the ball never made it up. They could have bowled all day long.

We ate at Chili's 2 nights in a row. We all LOVE Chili's. The boys were really good at dinner. Dallin got a hamburger and orange slices both nights and ate it all. Jacob got a pizza with fries both nights. They didn't want anything different. They were happy and so were we!!!

This was a fun, memorable vacation. Our kids traveled so well. I was always worried to do this, but I have to say it wasn't a big deal for our kids. Hannah was a trooper and took her naps in her carseat or stroller but it never seemed to bother her. She proved again she is an easy going, good girl! We all had so much fun and decided Vegas was next on our vacation list!!!


Amy said...

What a fun vacation....glad the kids did so well which makes it even better!

the DeCampos Family said...

So fun!! the girls loved the game center in one of the hotels. It reminded me a lot of when we stayed at circus circus when we were little.

We did the water gun one with the girls and let them each win so they could get a stuffed animal!

And I am serious about a switcheroo!!

Wendi and Matt said...

Loved this post!! Glad you had a ton of fun!! We love you lots!

Christa Johnson said...

how fun!!!!! And how spontaneous!!! I am sure you will always remember that trip!
Love ya,