Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st Birthday

I can't believe Hannah is already 1. Time sure is flying and we are having fun! Hannah- the Princess- has always been such an easy going, good girl. She is such a laid back Princess!! She has been a good girl even way back at 8 weeks going 10 hours at night and never looking back. That was the greatest present for me. She is so easy going that she didn't care about crawling until 8 months and doesn't have a huge interest in walking. It will come when she is ready. She will walk everywhere while holding onto just 1 finger but as soon as I let go she just drops to her knees and crawls off. She does walk along everything. One day soon she will be off running with her brothers. She has 4 teeth- 2 top and 2 bottom. It was cute- for a while she had only 1 tooth on top. It was precious when she would give us huge smiles with 1 top tooth shining through. I think another top one is close but we will see when it decides to break through. She loves to play with her brothers, play with Daddy, be outside, take baths, watch Baby Einstein, her blankets, and playing with your eyes and nose. Hannah is such a sweet, loving girl! I am so thankful she is in our family!!! We love you so much Hannah Nicole!!

Poor Hannah! She even had to get shots today but got a yummy sucker!

Hannah loves her blanket!!

Hannah found the mud one day and got really dirty but had lots of fun!!

Hannah loves Baby Einstein! She will sit and watch it for a long time!!

We love you Hannah our sweet, precious Princess!! Thanks for blessing our family and for your cute, infectious smile and laugh!


Christa Johnson said...

ohhhhhhhh.... she is soooooo adorable!! I can't believe that she is One!!! Is that possible?!!!
Love ya, Christa

Wendi and Matt said...

Awww!!! Love the first picture!!! Love you guys! And Hannah, I hope you had an awesome birthday!

Jen & Blake said...

One year old already!?!? Happy Birthday Hannah! The kids are getting so grown up, and cute as ever! We hope that you are all doing great. Maybe one of these day we will get to catch up when you come to town:) We miss and love you guys!