Friday, July 22, 2011

Chili Dinner

You gotta love stake callings!! St. Johns always does a fun July 24 weekend of celebration. The stake hands out callings so everything gets done. Last year we were cochairs of the parade and this year we were in charge of the chili dinner which is Thursday night and kind of the first thing to the weekend. I had a few young women help make lots and lots of cornbread, we had to set up, and serve 600+ people and then clean up. Let's just say I was exhausted when yesterday was all done. We spent 4 hours doing the cornbread in the morning and then 5 hours serving and cleaning up. Luckily the stake took care of making the chili. The hardest part was having 2 kids to take care of while making sure everything went smoothly for the serving. We have awesome ym and yw so I wasn't too worried. Dallin went with some friends but Jacob wouldn't leave me. He has always been attached to me. Nursery is still a struggle for him. I thought I had lost him 1 time but found him. Ryan had to drive a truck back and forth from the school and the park to bring hot chili and other things we needed. It was a busy night but went pretty well. We both got a huge drink when we were done and went home to put our feet up!!

The young women that came with me to make 18 huge trays of cornbread.

Jacob and Hannah were ready for the fun night!

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