Friday, July 22, 2011

10 months

Last Wednesday Hannah turned 10 months! Our sweet Princess is so much fun. She got her first tooth about a week ago and her 2nd bottom tooth is starting to come in now. She loves to hold on to our fingers and walk everywhere, loves to play with the boys, loves to watch Baby Einstein, LOVES her daddy, and loves exploring the world. She just recently found the toilet- yea for that one! She went to the doctor last Fri and she is 19 pounds- 50%- and her length is 29 inches- 75%. We think she is perfect in every way! We love her so much! She is such a sweet, easy going girl that has mellowed me out. Ryan stresses and worries more than me now! Hannah is now going through the attachment stage. She doesn't like anyone else to hold her. She just looks at me like mom why aren't you holding me. But she knows she's okay and squirms to get out of those arms and back to mine. I love this girl so much and can't wait to see the beautiful girl she will become!

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