Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Fun

I made this pine cone wreath with Ryan's Mom the other day. We had lots of fun spending the morning with her. Dallin sure loves Grandma!!!

Jacob had fun watching all of the ornaments being placed on Grandma's tree. He kept looking up as high as he could to see all the pretty colors!

Our poor Jacob!! He got a bad cold and we had a few fun days and night. He was a trooper and we all survived. This was on his first not fun, I don't feel good day!!

Dallin was bored one day I guess. He pulled this mattress out and put it against the couch and would slide down it. He came up with that all on his own. I came out from changing Jacob and found him doing this. Never a dull moment at our house.

Jacob was helping Nana one night on the computer. I love how he holds his hands!

Dallin had fun with Kennedy playing in the sand box. Yes, a bath was needed after they were done.

Jacob was having fun with Dallin's cars. Sometimes Dallin will give Jacob a car to play with.

My boys working on the car together!!!

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