Friday, May 1, 2009

Dallin's pictures

The other day Dallin found our camera and figured out how to turn it on- I am still suspicious that Ryan showed him how. I had to laugh at the maybe 30 pictures of his face that we had. These are a few of the best ones that made me laugh. Then, some more cute ones of our fun Dallin. He just makes me smile everyday. I know he will be a great big brother.

I love this cute picture of Dallin. He doesn't like to smile when I try to take his picture so this one is a keeper.

Dallin loves our leather coffee table thing (whatever you would call it). He loves to lay on it and balance on it and the couch. The last time we got home from mesa it was 10 at night. He went straight to his favorite place- here. I thought he might fall asleep there because he didn't sleep at all in the car. Guess this table is worth every penny because Dallin loves it.

When we had Tally and Colby over, Dallin kept trying to put on Colby's shoes. I think he wants to grow up just like Colby. I told him that was fine by me- we love Colby!!

Dallin loves his cars and trucks. He makes the cutest noise as he moves his cars. Right now he loves to push his cars all over my legs. He gets this real serious look on his face when he does it. He moves his cars just the right way.

I know I am a bad mom. I just didn't want to fight when it was nap time. I could tell he was bound and determined to take the mouse and mouse pad to bed with him. I had just told Ryan he can't take toys to bed. I don't want to start that habit. Then look what I go and do. Love you Honey!! He fell asleep fast and I found him like this. Yes, I took it away so he wouldn't get tangled up in it.


The Murray's said...

haha that last picture is funny! I can't believe he was able to take his own pictures! That is talent there,

Jen & Blake said...

What a smarty! He is so cute, and getting so big. He looks like he has grown a foot in the picture lounging on the leather thing! He will make an awesome big brother:)

And tell Ryan how awesome he is too! That is so exciting for him to be done. And propts to you too for going along for the ride and supporting him:) Hope you are feeling good and not too uncomfortable:) love you guys!