Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Happenings

Life has been busy lately at our house. These are just a few pictures of our fun....

The boys love to build tracks for their trains. Jacob wanted a little one and then he sat in the middle of it. It was so cute!!

Jacob LOVES to swing!

Our happy Princess!

The boys have been loving our sandbox and for the most part play nice together.

Jacob got a huge cookie at the store one day- who wouldn't want one that big??!!

One cool dude!

Hannah got a huge sucker and it made her happy.

Dallin lost his first tooth- a top, front one. He went to the dentist a week later and has healthy teeth!!

Jacob loved searching for pumpkins at the pumpkin patch in Snowflake.

This is our huge pumpkin family! Ry wanted the huge 29 lb one so we all got to pick the one we wanted. As you can see, a few more got to come home with us.

The boys got to build a bear at Build a Bear. Dallin loves his bear and sleeps with it every night!!

Ryan was lucky when he got to snuggle with 2 cute kiddos!!

Hannah got yogurt one day and made a huge mess. Let's just say Ryan was in charge at that time.

We went to a birthday party for our friend's 2 year old. They had a huge pile of leaves. All the kids loved it.

Dallin got a huge hamburger one day for lunch. I was surprised when he ate most of it.

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Christa Johnson said...

you are certainly a busy family. I was sooooo excited to get a chance to see you and I am very excited for your new addition.
Hope you guys aren't freezing up there!
Love ya, Christa