Sunday, November 15, 2009

Way To Go Honey!!

I'm so proud of Ryan! We found out this week he was chosen to be on a new crew at work. He was chosen out of all the operators and they chose just a handful. He will be learning how to start up new parts at the plant and then will be training the others down the road on what to do. I am so excited for this because NO MORE NIGHTS!!! We are so grateful for a good job but having Ryan do shift work that means sometimes he's gone from 4:30 pm to 4:30 am and then has to sleep has been hard on all of us. He should be starting this in January. Way to go Honey!!!

I just want Ryan to know how much I love him! My life is truly blessed because you are in my life! I love you so much always and forever! Thanks for all you do for our family. It's so nice to know someone is there for you and supports you and loves you. Thanks for being the best Dad! Our boys love playing with you! We love you!!!

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