Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cute Stories

Dallin sure is growing up. We just love our little man so much. About a month ago or so, Dallin has started to wave and say bye bye when we go to put him down for bed. It is so cute. One night I was gone and as Ryan was putting Dallin down he was waving and saying bye bye and looking everywhere for me. It's moments like that that just melt my heart.
Another cute story- Ryan and I decided to read scriptures before we put Dallin to bed. One night we told Dallin to go get the scriptures. Of course he ran into our room and came back with them. I was impressed because I don't think I use the word scriptures that much. He then handed them to us and folded his arms. He knows what to do. Whenever he sees the scriptures he folds his arms. Then when he sees the book mark go in the book he folds his arms too. He also knows that we pray after the song at church. He's our smart boy.
Dallin also loves to give us open mouth kisses and his loves are leaning his head into you. He sometimes will wrap his arms around you if you are lucky. One night we got Dallin in his pjs. It was almost bedtime and I asked for kisses and hugs. I got them and told him to go give Ryan kisses and hugs. He went back and forth for a few minutes. He was giggling the whole time. Sometimes he does that even when Ryan and I are in different rooms. He will give me kisses and then run into the other room and give Ryan kisses. He runs back and forth. I wouldn't trade those kisses for anything even when they are really slobbery.

I love how Dallin will rest his head on you- he does that to me all the time.


Christa Johnson said...

I loved reading your cute stories about Dallin, they were soooo awesome!!! He is such a loving boy and you can tell that he spends lots of time with his parents that love him a lot. I love when kids get to grow up in such wonderful houses!!!!
Love ya guys,

Amy and Ryan said...

What a cutie, and he is one smart boy...go Dallin! Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!