Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Have a Softy

I have been working really hard with Dallin on what's right and wrong these last couple of months. I don't like the word no. I feel it is so negative. Instead, I just say to Dallin to "make a good choice" and give him a little look. He used to love to push buttons on our tv (whoever created tv stands with tv low never had kids) and little things testing his limits. I started telling him to make a good choice. I was amazed at how well he responded to that. He no longer wants to push buttons but if he does go up to the tv I tell him that and he turns around. After he makes a good choice I always tell him I love him and I'm proud of him. Well, Dallin has a little harder time when Ryan comes home. Ryan is the one he plays with and gets confused when he needs to make a good choice. I was enjoying watching my 2 boys play when Dallin started acting out. Ryan tried to be firm but Dallin didn't listen. Ryan told him he would put him in timeout but then smiled at me when Dallin kept doing it. Ryan couldn't be the bad guy. I tried to explain that Dallin needs consistent reinforcement. Ryan is the BEST dad and loves Dallin so much. He knows he needs to be firm. I know he can do it. It was just cute the look Ryan gave me when I knew Dallin was going to get away with things. I love you Honey!!

I love this picture. Dallin was playing with his shoes and wanted his sippy cup. I never thought he would drink with his shoes on his hands- guess it's better this way!!


Amy and Ryan said...

Wow, go Dallin. I used that exact phrase with Drew and it didn't work. I still use it here and there just so he knows but for him no works. We have a weird child. Love the shoes on the hands. He's getting so big...we miss you all!

Wendi Murray said...

love the picture! your coming down soon...yeppeeee!

the DeCampos Family said...

I love that picture of him. Too cute. Can't wait to see little DGF!! Party time