Friday, June 13, 2008

New Life

I can't believe we have already been in Snowflake for 3 weeks. We have settled into our now home, new life, and new routines. Ryan is still adjusting to his new job. He will have about 4 months of training. These first 8 weeks will be the hardest. He sits inside for ten hours a day and listen to lectures or does modules on the computer. I just feel so bad for him because normally they do this training in 9 months and they are throwing it at him in 4 months. I keep telling him he can do it. He gets up at 4:30 in the morning and gets home from work around 5:30 pm. After Dallin goes to bed, he usually works for an hour or two on the computer. He tells me all the time he is sorry-he's so sweet. I'm so blessed I found him. I tell him I get him all weekend long- Fri, Sat, and Sun. I can't complain. I love to watch Ryan and Dallin play after Ryan gets home. I don't know who loves it more!!
Dallin has adjusted very well to the move. I was a little worried. Since being here, Dallin has gotten 2 molars. Those were fun days but we survived. He has really gotten to be fun with his little personality. His favorite thing to do is be outside. He likes to go outside and carry a toy or two with him. He will just carry them around. It's so cute. I've learned to not try to take them away. He is all boy!! He loves to eat rocks until Mom sees him, play in the dirt and water, and get dirty. He loves being really close to Tally and Colby. We play with them all the time. They take good care of Dallin.
As for me, I am still adjusting too but am getting settled. I really miss Ryan in the afternoon. He was usually home around noon during the summer. Now, 5:30 some days feels like an eternity. I am getting used to small town life. All of the people are so friendly and nice. I play softball with the women in our ward. It's a nice break one night a week. It's fun to watch Ryan chase Dallin around. I still am getting used to the Snowflake Wind. Man can it blow hard. It's killing my allergies. Overall, I feel blessed that I have an amazing husband that loves me so much and a son that makes me smile. I have learned that it doesn't matter where you are or where you live. It's the people that you love and that love you that really count.
PS I have tried to post pictures so many times and it won't work. Sorry hopefully it will work one day and I will post pictures.


Amy & Ryan said...

I am glad things are going well. I bet those days are long and hard on Ryan but then you have to think, no work on Friday and the weekend. That is nice. I love that Ryan only works a half day on Friday. It is so nice. Wow, I am jealous you are playing softball with some girls up there. That is awesome. The wind can't be as bad as Flagstaff. I always hated that wind up there. Can't wait to see pics!

Our Family said...

Sounds like Dallin is in the same phase as Jonathan. We find so many toys outside! Jonathan loves outside. he could be out there all day!

the DeCampos Family said...

Yeah I am glad that things are settling down. Glad we were able to hang out. Miss you

Wendi Murray said...

sounds great kim! we miss ya guys but hopefully will get to visit soon! glad all is well! :)

Go Farr Family said...

Dallin has really grown taller - I was up there a week ago and I think he grew again this week. Sad to see the curls go - but now he looks like a precious little boy. Tally and Colby are loving to play with Dallin - and thanks for the fun activities with them.