Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Perfect Day

We had a perfect day yesterday. Ryan has been busy lately so we were excited when Sat came up and he didn't have much planned. Yea!! We decided to spend the entire day together as a family. I don't know who needed it more- Ryan or me. We had to first do Sis. Cade's lawn. While we were there a neighbor asked Ryan to do a little work on his yard. It took him 20 min and wasn't hard. While I waited I pulled some weeds. He was so happy he gave us $29- that's what he had. We said Olive Garden here we come for lunch.

After a delicious lunch, we let Dallin play on the playground at the mall. It was fun to watch.

Ryan and I watching our little man.

After playing and Dallin's nap we headed to Fountain Hills to watch the fountain and have dinner. Dallin loved being pushed so he could drink his milk.

Dallin liked watching the fountain going.

Dallin and I trying to not get blown away. Dallin didn't like the wind- it was blowing hard.

Dallin was ready to go- can you tell?
After we had enough of the wind, we drove around and looked at some of the cool houses. Ryan had to decide where we going next. He decided ....

Bass Pro Shop. Dallin loved to finally be free from his car seat and loved walking around and seeing all the fun stuff. He really liked the fish as you can tell.
Our day ended by renting The Bee Movie on our way home. We put Dallin down at 8 and snuggled to watch the movie. We both agreed that Sat was one of the most perfect days our little family has had. We need more days of this!!

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Christa Johnson said...

What an AMAZING day!!! And Kim, you are so gorgeous and your little family is sooo beautiful!! I love reading all your adventures and I can always feel the love that you have for your family!! You are truly an inspiration!